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so what is the CMS that 99% of SEO and 25% of the Internet currently used everybody is looking for the door to the new economy but actually it's a window no no it's not Microsoft front-page but shout out to the og nineties kids that used to build websites in there as of course WordPress and they have means so much requested changes to fix height plugins and this week's canonical Chronicle we're going to talk about that Plus Google adds support being delayed the page layer algorithm and Google's view on w3c validation so without further ado let's get into it [Music] now it takes you we love WordPress but if it's not a custom build its gonna need updates and if you're not careful you can wreck the entire site the moment you drive it out of the showroom but no one person Russian five point five you can actually download and install plugins and have them automatically update to the latest version now this is good for a couple of reasons last week's search engine journal reported that handful of WordPress plugins were being hacked at scale by when resellers so if you've ever see something called unleash edit that's a hacked wordpress line so with the new update that she patched most of these issues and reduce the overheads for business owners and for webmasters now unofficial advice for anyone who is using WordPress minimize them and a plugins you're using and get a custom build or think about we be using a less commercially vulnerable CMS something like craft CMS now as digital marketers we only know the most patient of people and when it comes to dealing with their Google ads and GMB teams they're usually you know very fast and responsive people to do with not only however due to their covert 19 pandemic they have released a statement saying that things are going to be a little more delayed than usual so you're gonna need to wait a bit longer than usual to get answers to your questions and get your ads reviewed the official statement from Google said important update as a precautionary health measure for a phone and chat support specialist in light of covert 19 some Google ads support options may be unavailable or delayed you can still reach us through the contact form well we have apologize for any inconvenience as because and appreciate your patience best message will be updated as a situation changes now it's great that they're keeping communication lines open methods and doing their best I made this global health issue however if you've got a serious interview that needs to happen you're gonna be at least two or three weeks before you your ad like sorry he waits that's why it does you remember back to 2012 and this outs were kinda like the Wild West you could literally rank anything by loading up that spam gun and then pointing it whatever page you wanted to right now at that time Google was introducing a lot more measures around page quality to stop low quality pages from ranking and particular they were very concerned with pages were too many ads we couldn't find a real content on the page this week John Miller added some additional quality to what this actually means and how we should be thinking about page layout and particularly said that it's not actually the number of ads in the page that the killer boat he actually cared about how hard as to find the main content if it's headin by lots of ads essentially saying the user experience is bad and they can't find what they're looking for when they click from the syrup there's probably no penalty oh boy now if you go to the Google home page and try to validate it to w3c standards guess what it doesn't validate it's very broken and what was later revealed to be a broken leg that's because they don't actually care about validating according to w3c standards the web moves way too fast adhere to those standards anymore there's libraries and technology's been catered everyday that it makes it completely impossible to keep up with but back in the day s us thought having a WTC validated website was actually an essential ranking factor to bonus like it wasn't really that bad advice making sure your website is compliant with web standards you know it's actually quite a good thing if you think Google's gonna like it fair enough this week John Mueller took to address the w3c validation and a webmaster hangout saying in general w3c validation is something that we did not use when it comes to search so you don't need to worry if your pages kind of meet the validation bar or not however using the validation is a great way to double check that you're not doing anything broken on your same so there you have it you can use it just to make sure that is kind of technically sound but ultimately not a ranking factor that's everything for this week's canonical Chronicle if you liked this video please do hit the like button and if you loved it please subscribe and until next time we will see you later [Music]