OptinMonster Review & Demo – WordPress Popup Plugins Reviewed

in this video many do an in-depth
walk-through and give a review and some opinions on a WordPress plug-in called OptinMonster
no not sure if you've heard about OptinMonster it's been out for I believe about a year now
and they just hit version 2 and that's with prompting me to do this review and this is
the website here for them and what they do or what this plug-in does is it makes some
very nice styled opt in forms including pop-ups sidebar Upton's is a whole suite of different
opt in options and I'm a show you everything so if you're wondering the website doesn't
show you everything yet because they just hit version to buy my show you everything
from a busy but I'm also going to be the pros and the cons could there are few cons that
the art preventing me from using this plug-in and you can make a decision for yourself so
they got some really cool industry-leading features though and there's been a lot of
copycats that have come out after they release their plug-in and it's by a developer that
down this kind of well-known in the WordPress community and has another popular plug-in
for sliders anyways here's just some of the copy on their website beautiful opt in form
designs and a big big big thing with this plug-in is a B split testing page level targeting
exit intent technology and this is like the first plug in there really had this and that's
where when you move your cursor off of the page you're on and it will know that the visitors
doing that and then hit them up at the pop up at that point and some analytics in so
and it also integrate with a lot of these different autoresponder companies and this
last one is my main gripe rinses all custom HTML form scripts that's actually not the
case as they would have you believe but more about that ripe later is also some frequently
asked questions so anyways let me go to my WordPress installation here and you can see
I've got the plug-in right here OptinMonster installed on my can assure you had a player
in solo WordPress plug-in it's very simple with OptinMonster the way works is you can
just install the main plug-in once you've installed it there is can a been add-ons tab
where you can install all of the add-on plug-ins that will give you the various features that
you might be after the different opt in style so and after post add on canvas add-on effects
that's pretty needs us show you that exit intent which I just talked about footer or
sidebar in slide in opt in styles and it it publishes this by having a and add-on plug-in
for each of these features so you can just install and activate what you want so anyways
after you put OptinMonster in an activated to have this new option here for OptinMonster
and it's got these different options here's the add-ons I haven't pasted in my license
code that's why I'm not seeing the add-ons I haven't added any integrations integrations
are basically making the connection with the different autoresponder services and then
hear some of the settings but anyway so to create a new opt in you would just click add
new and then give it a name I just call this a test now here is the different opt in types
that you can create and so for instance for that canvas often if you didn't install the
add on the plug-in you won't have this option available so I've got them all installed here
so the main strength of this plug-in is the different lightbox at opt in styles and that's
where you're basically going to have a pop up so there is different themes that are available
now if you're watching this video on YouTube I'll provide a link that you can click over
to my website and I'm providing a PDF of each of these so that you could look at them it
might help with making your decision if this is a plug-in for you so anyways you cannot
have that resource there are available but here's different themes always got about nine
is here now and the plug-in first was released you really only had 3F fingers three or four
at the time and now they've definitely added to it so then are they all have different
sizes and dimensions and some of them featured text areas and an image area so for instance
if you're to select this a balance beam its GNU provide an interface for you to modify
this text here anyone have to really mess with the much and then you'll put in an image
that will meet these dimensions this is just pretty much an image only so you would be
providing this image this right here it allows you to edit this text in this text and then
the image there this one's all text this one's text in an image text and do this one's definitely
different really like this one it's really basic and simple this once completely in image
so anyway so we must go ahead and not just a select one of them will start with the balance
beam and they will click on select theme and this is one of the strengths I think that
this plug-in does really well is it really looks like you're using this new technology
built in the WordPress called the customizer not you're not really using the WordPress
customizer what what's nice about this is you should be familiar with it because this
is how some of the themes now or can it be modified so it made sense to use the same
way of doing things so anyways here on the laughed you have the different sections for
the plug-in areas here for customizing it you have them all available so the first one
is designed and with slices you can change pretty much everything seeking change your
colors your background your content background to your footer background so if I wanted to
say make this a little darker you can see how it's changing colors and what's nice about
this is you can really brand these pop-ups for how your website color scheme is and it's
really easy specially phenyl color code and in ways you can also put some custom CSS but
the point of this plug-in is to not need custom CSS so it's easy for anyone to make beautiful
looking opticians chemical apps then go to the next one besides about this new version
is you can add a field right here by just go ahead and clicking that checkbox now you've
added the field for name and I personally like to collect the name and email address
so when I'm sending out emails they are more personalized so you can also change your font
right here you can change this placeholder text right there and that this is that you
can change the color of the font and the font type and right here under submit field that's
this button here we can change that text to whatever you would want and you can change
all the colors he can really dig in and customize this the way that you would want tickets only
collapse fields and here's can figuration so this is where the title actually doesn't
matter that's more for an internal thing and \'96 here's the delay in which this light
box will pop up now the configuration options are to be different for the different opt
in styles and him and to show you them so this will give you the delay in milliseconds
and then will also place a cookie and you can specify how many days till based upon
that cookie till thou get this pop up again and the writer this is actually new feature
that they added that I really like and what it allows you to dues after someone puts their
info when it hits sign up typically you then take them to a page it says thank you for
signing up and so that's an extra step you have to go and create that pages just an extra
step but there streamlined it were you can put a message right here and then after you
opt in its can adjust the display that message in the lightbox I really like Beck is it removes
one of the steps that you would normally have to take in so just makes deploying these things
faster but if you wanted right here you can ask the specified page of a queue page if
you wanted to in this message are probably can want to put something about you check
your email for further instructions or something like that or if it was giving them a bonus
or some kind of free book you might want to reference it there in the thank you message
okay this is a neat option here load on second page view so if this is checked when someone
first visit visit your website your you won't hit in one trigger this often but then if
they clicked on to a second page then it would trigger the opt in based upon the settings
here there's an option hide it for logged in users and here's an option to enable or
disable the powered by which you put in affiliate link in if you've added that nothing I just
wanted point out is everything's real-time when I checked this unchecked this box it
does the disappears in real-time so there is no saving then re-fright going to the website
and refreshing and waiting for it to happen it's all happening live in real time this
is a new setting out one right here if you have the X and intend to feature installed
you can check this box that's like us in earlier were someone's cursor moves off the browser
window it'll interpret that is them leaving your page and hit them up with the pop up
now right here you can adjust the sensitivity of that and I don't believe that being in
optional an option in version 1 but it's here in version 2 and it's pretty nice so a case
that is the configuration options now here's the integration options and this is connecting
it to your autoresponder so let me scroll here okay so when I click the drop-down box
it's can show me you all the options for integrating now these are all at the API level which means
you don't need to go and create a form with the autoresponder company and then go and
copy the form code and then pasted in here it's all at the API level so for instance
if you clicked on a Weber right here give you some instructions to make it a little
easier for you but I need to do is put your Aweber authorization code in your account
label and then click connect in your pretty much done at that point now there's also an
option here for custom HTML opt in form now this feature works very poorly and I'm gonna
touch on that at the end of the video so pretty much you're getting good shape if you're using
any of these autoresponder companies but if you're using if you're not you're going to
pretty much be out a lock and I'm when explain more of that in detail the end of the video
so okay so there you have that and then hear some output options this would enable or disable
this often right here you can load it globally so if you check this box that the pop-up will
appear regardless of what page the user is on your website now it's nice those you can
specify some pages to have it not pop up on all or right here you can choose pages only
pages that it will pop up on secant really get in deep in customize who's gonna see this
pop up and you can have different pops up pop-ups for different categories on your website
you can have it for different pages us you can really hone this in a here's Ryu can choose
it and maybe not pop up on pages and just posts etc.

Etc. so there's lots of options
on the output I really like that you can make it do what you want however most of us were
probably just going to I know me every site I put this on I just have it pop up for the
same pop up for every page and category this is cool FX know your lunacy of the effects
option if you installed the effects add on and what it is this can have different effects
when it exit pops up and so you've got this all these options here so for instance if
I click on the shake you'll see there how it shakes and that's how would look when it
first popped up here's the swing and balance up left and so you can have some fun here
and it really helps call attention to the opt in and I really like this now after you've
gone and head and put in how you all your settings and how you wanted how you wanted
to look you can click the save button or just click save and exit not many show you some
of the other type of opticians just see you have a view of everything that this does some
click add new again in a tight test to in this time\'85 Look at canvas iMacs a knock
in a due canvas what campuses is really nice feature is allowed to put anything you want
in there so in this example they show a Facebook like button in things like that but you do
all kinds of stuff with this you but maybe a payment form or something like that I've
seen a lot of from websites lately where when you click a pipe button it actually pops up
with the payment forms you can really do what ever you want with this like a whiteboard
for most of us and our designers and coders probably not can have a ton of use for this
this is pretty cool it's the footer bar and what it does is at the bottom of your web
page it's gonna slide this up and it will just be there prompting someone to opt in
so let's take a look at this one that tile seem there's only three here and as you notice
the further along you get past the light box there is less and less design options solid
click on a select theme and you'll see how it has different design options so right here
showing this demo website that I have and here is how will look now I'm sure if I had
the screen open wider it would be the text on the left and opt in on the right but it's
responsive and that's why it's looking this way alright so same thing were you can adjust
your colors and you can add a name field and for configuration you have a lot of the same
options of a delay of having it pop up and whatnot in the same thing with having a success
message you got your integration which we talked about earlier and your output and this
is the different options again of what page you would want this to pop up on I really
like this come in and be testing this myself to see how good or bad I it does as far as
getting Hopkins okay let's continue well make it a third test here localitist three and
we looked at footer and this is after post actually don't like any of after post designs
I wouldn't use any of them they look very plain and poorly designed they just they're
all pretty ugly to me there's nothing special about any of these after post them basically
what the after post is is after a blog post or I believe we can even put it on the page
but maybe just a post it will peer at a pier at the end of the contents and I I wouldn't
use this easy just the designs they really need to step it up on this because these designs
are just very bland and boring I wouldn't use any of those okay here's the sidebar and
I think they also need to put a lot of improvement in this so basically it will be a widget that
you can put in your sidebar these designs don't really other not anything special to
me at all and I think it doesn't reflect the quality that you see with their light box
designs I mean look at this and so plane and then when you click on lightbox a cow vibrant
and nice these are so they're just totally totally of neglected that this area but in
a all in time I'm sure they'll step it up in and produce something better and then here's
the slide in this is so I've seen this on a few sites and you might have as well essentially
it's gonna be on the bottom right corner XL CFIDS and option exit which is selected as
you can see exactly how this is good look that's pretty much else can a look it's gonna
be just a little pop-up area where you would typically find a live chat area and its GNU
prompt someone to opt in there so you have the same thing with all your design options
you can add your name field and it just makes it a little taller your configuration options
there pretty much the same integration and output as well let's see look at the configurational
but I think there might be a couple different options note there aren't think you can actually
make it so it starts off collapsed and not opened up like this and then someone can click
on it and then it would open up that's how I remember it in version 1 so chemically gone
save and exit now there's also settings area here you should put your license code in you
can set that the globally set the cookie duration if you wanted to be an affiliate for them
you can put your affiliate link in here and so if you did have the powered by it would
be a link to your affiliate link and you can choose where you want that this is actually
kind of needs I'll explain why this is important right here it's a store leads locally so they
added this inversion to know this it could be a scenario or someone opts in it gets the
data gets pushed to the autoresponder company it sends them an email to click to verify
you know your typical double opt in and then they don't double opt in on this wall in that

Their data is you can't do anything with it however if you started locally you
would have a local copy of that data that might be useful to you Seth why they added
this feature right here so it was back in the Hopkins and wanted to edit your existing
pop up that you created you'd click on test the music you can hover over and see an image
of its you can remember it but you did that the Odyssey doesn't do that but depth right
here there's a slut you can tell this one's a light boxes one's a footer in this once
the slide and so in just click on it there and you are taken right back into configuring
get some meat save and get back out of their and if you wanted to do a split test right
here you can click the settings wheel click on split test and create a split test option
here Dominic go back and him and a talk about now what is not good about this plug-in and
why I can't use it Re: talked about the weakness of some of the designs now the light boxes
have good designs and the other ones are pretty poor and but that's a personal opinion but
the main gripe that I have is when you scroll down security integrations and you want to
choose custom HTML opt in for now this is where you see the weakness in this plug-in
now this is only good apply to someone that actually uses an autoresponder that is not
today they've not set up and integration with now remember if we look at what we looked
on their website it says right here let's see where is it and all custom HTML form scripts
well that is true to an extent see the show you what happens when you actually copy in
an HTML form okay so I have another browser open in my other window on the copy it now
mind you when you usually go in get your autoresponder form code it's not styled it all and there's
many plug-ins for options where you would just copy and paste it in you would identify
the field names in your form match it up with the plug-in and you don't skip a beat your
good to go and the styling in the design is all their watch what happens to me the click
paste in the number click safe so you can see what just happened when I put my opting
code it doesn't maintain the style that OptinMonster is already created basically you if you're
been a use a custom form you it it almost defeats the purpose of having the plug-in
in the first place because now you've got to know CSS you've got to know coding you
got to know HTML you got to know PHP that you can actually have it look halfway decent
this looks warble and almost defeats the purpose of having OptinMonster boat completely defeats
the purpose of having OptinMonster in the first place because one of the main reasons
you're good at by this software so that your are in forms can look nice but if you're many
use custom HTML opt in form it should still look horrible in there's nothing you can do
about it you can't do so for instance when you using these design options while it they
they don't work with custom custom forms and it just him it's the kind of waffling to me
why it is this way there are much cheaper plug-ins by unknown developers that probably
aren't that good that handle this like a champ I was actually shocked when I first did this
and I saw how poorly it handles custom form codes what it should do you should be able
to paste your form code in it you know which field is the email address or allow you to
pair it up it should know which field is for full name if Europe got been included in let
you pair it up and the styling you created for the submit button and the text you specify
in the design options of OptinMonster that should hold true but you can see here it just
doesn't work like that another WordPress plug-in I use a lot called OptimizePress for all of
the opt in forms and OptimizePress have to do is copy and paste your form code in it
but you still can do all of the styling in the plug it in OptinMonster gets a big F in
my book because of this one feature they're not clear about on their website and I think
it's some kind of embarrassing so anyways for OptinMonster I do think it's a great plug-in
that being said I can't use it however for you it could be a great plug-in for you and
you could be able to use it as long as you're using one of their providers that they've
set up and integration with Juergen to be fine but without that been pretty pretty bad
shape you you really don't even want to buy it on some lastly we should look at pricing
and they haven't an interesting pricing model their little higher-priced then some of other
opt in plug-ins that I've come across now you've got the cr\'e8me de la cr\'e8me which
is the ultimate license its $350 which is pretty high for a WordPress plug-in but you
can use it on a limited sites and it has a lifetime of support so it's understandable
it's a good deal if you have lots of sites and you really believe that there gonna stick
around and I I really believe in a stick around and really make this thing really really nice
so you can do unlimited forms the split testing and all that stuff but then it includes the
X and intent the canvas and also of support priority support now if you wanted everything
that the ultimate has but you don't want lifetime support and you want a cheaper price for 199
it's pretty much the same thing as the ultimate except it's only to be support and updates
for a year now on the plus you can't use this on unlimited sites it's only three sites and
it doesn't include the exit intent which you really want nothing to developers know you
want this the canvas you can live without an priority support is nice if you have a
problem and then you got the basic which is essentially only for one site and it doesn't
include any of the accident tent canvas there's also these OptinMonster types and so on the
go ahead and click on this I think it's good to show comparison chart so in addition with
the basic you're not getting the footer bar the sidebar widget the after post the sliding
or the canvas pop-up plus which was $99 you're not getting the slide in or the canvas pop
up which we renew from here and then the probably ultimately pretty much get everything on this
actually interesting is his common checkbox and then there's in*this has not been developed
as of the recording of this video I can only assume of someone leaves a comment on your
website that it will also sign them up to your autoresponder are give them an option
to be added to your autoresponder so anyways there you have it this is often monster I
think it's a great plug-in it's just not for everyone and unfortunately it's not for me
if you want more information you can click on the link below to go to my website and
also include a link to the website here to purchase it if that is what you decided to
do so anyways you have any questions for me specific questions about the plug-in fill
free to ask me at my website that there's a commentary there just go ahead and leave
your question and I'll answer it for you if there's anything specific you want to see
you can ask me as well and I can put out a video that will answer that for you I really
appreciate you watching this video and I appreciate if you could share it and spread the word
thank you for watching

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