how to install wordpress theme (Free and Premium)

Hi, so today we are going to see how to
install WordPress theme. Just to give you an idea
there are two kind of themes first one are free themes which are available on
WordPress repository and you can install them free of cost. Second themes are
premium themes which you can download from some websites like theme forest .com and then install on your website. If you want my recommendation on best free and
premium theme check the description of the video. ok so before we go and see how
to install theme let's quickly see what is their theme so theme is a design idea
website we decide that how your website will look for example if you see on the
left side this is the default WordPress installation which came with prepackaged
2020 theme if you see the menu links or you can say innovation item on the top
the pink in color and smaller if you see the text next to it it is black in color
and big in size so overall theme decide the appearance and layout of your
website and elements and just by changing theme you can change whole
appearance of website in the description or video I will at important time step
so that you can skip directly to the part which you are interested in for
example if you want to stroll a free theme can check in description and just
go to that part directly if you're interested in premium theme installation
you can go to that partner directly also in the end of the video i will add bonus
tip that how you can import complete dummy website so you do not need to
spend hours and hours for building all the elements on your website you can
just import the dummy website and edit the content as per your needs so this is
my default wordpress website currently it is running on default 2020 theme
change or add new theme we need to login into website dashboard to log into web
site dashboard copy the URL and type slash login and then then enter your
username and password login ok now to add a free theme go to appearance and
themes on this section you can see all the
theme installing on a website currently there is only one theme 2020 which came
prepackaged with WordPress installation to add a new theme click on add new and
now you can see thousands of different teams which you can install on your
website free of cost you can sort them by popular themes or
you can filter them by your need for example if you want to make up set for
blog you can filter and all the themes they are good for making a blog website
if you want to if you want to make a website for an e-commerce site then you
can click on e-commerce and then you can see all the things which are good for
ecommerce business ok so let's go to popular themes and see what happens when
we install a new theme ok they're very good themes here
I really prefer astra ocean WP nav generate best the very nice theme
ok let's quickly install a theme and see what it will change on website ok so I
am stalling this theme generate press once it is installed you have to
activate the theme if you do not agree with theme nothing will change on your
website in short you can install multiple theme on your website but the
theme which will change the design is one which is activated so activate the
theme ok so this is how my website used to look before let's quickly open the
website in another tab so that we can compare both persons ok you can see my
website design is change so this one was the default design and this one is the
new design you can see with default 2020 what are looks something like this
and the header looks something like this and the colors are pink and black with
generate press you can see the website header is change minnow atoms are more
organized and the footer is also sleep we can try to install another theme very
quickly so to install the theme we will go back to add new you sort of your
theme and we'll try to install Astra theme okay see it installed but we need
to activate it first activate and rest quickly refresh your website okay do you
see the theme change the design is also changed okay now we will see how we can
install a premium theme so if you bought your theme from theme forest or any
other platform like monster theme you just log into your dashboard in my case
I will show you why I think first so if I want to install this theme on website just click here on download and click on
install you build WordPress file only save the file then we'll go back to a
wordpress dashboard we'll go to appearance and themes same way like we
install the free theme add new by instead of choosing themes from here we
will click on upload themes and it will browse and we'll upload that file we
recently downloaded from team forest click install now if you want my
recommendation on best theme on theme for us
check the description of the video ok theme installed successfully now we'll
activate the theme here you get a lot of options you can
play with them and see what they change your option for general menu header you
can choose different layout of minos these options are always available in
most of the themes normally if you go to your dashboard you need to go to
appearance and customize otherwise if your themes support like custom options
so you can always see this option in your left sidebar for example the team I
installed named the gem so then that guest options are here ok so the theme
is activated and installed so let's quickly refresh your website and see
what changed ok so now my website looks like this ok now
as we see how we can install a free theme and a premium theme but if you
want to install demo content also or you want to import the demo content website
because you're just starting making a website and you don't have any content
either you can spend hours and hours and make all the sections add images and
text from this website or what you can do you can install a plug-in and you can
import complete demo website and later on you can edit the website and change
as per your needs you can change your logo you can change the text but you
will get a very good head start while you are making your website from scratch
so this plugin is called starter templates to solve the plugin we'll go
to plugins add new search for the plug-in called starter
template install now once it is installed activated okay now we install
this plug-in will go very fast to appearance and click on start a
templates here you can find all ready-made websites which you can just
import and you can import all the pages on your website so you can get a very
good head start while you make a website you can choose the page builder from
here the for page build available now Elementor beaver Gutenberg and Brizzy
you can also sort them by their categories business glory commas for
this video we are going to choose the free themes only you have lot of
websites already made here you can just import them and edit them as per your
needs let's quickly import a demo website ok for example I want to import
this website click on complete input site click import I'm going to take some
few minutes be patient okay so input is complete let's go and
check our website click on view side okay now you can see we have complete
website imported you do not need to make this elements by yourself all the
elements are imported by starter templates even the pages are also
imported let's quickly check about page okay so now you are thinking how I can
change this text to change the text on any page click Edit the element and the
text you want to edit just click on the text and start writing if you want to
change this big image click on the six dots go to Styles click on this image
and you can upload your own files or you can choose the free images from fixham a
Pixum is a free image depository from where you can download images free of
cost for example I want to add this image to my website save and sir okay so
our images change we can have a preview of our changes okay so text is change
our image is change so now we see how we can stall a free theme and a premium
theme and we see also how we can import the complete website so I hope this
video is helpful for you and you can get a very good head start while making a
new website thank you so much please like the video subscribe to the channel
and share with somebody who is in process of making their own website have
a nice day

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