How to Install a WordPress Theme

Hi guys, In this video, we are gonna see how
you can install a theme in WordPress. Now Let’s say you have a WordPress
website, with a default design like this and you want to change the
design of your site, into something which looks different, like this You can do that easily by
installing a WordPress theme So Let's get started First, let’s see, what
is a WordPress theme? A WordPress theme is simply
the design of your website And if you want to change the design, all you have to do is To choose a theme you like and
then install it on your site. Now to install a WordPress theme,
first, let’s take a look at our site.

This is the site in which we’re
going to install our WordPress theme So to install a theme in
WordPress, there are 2 methods. The first method is to install the theme, by using the WordPress search. So to install the theme using ‘Search’. Let’s go to our WordPress dashboard And then go to ‘Appearance’ And click ‘themes’ It will take you to this
page So this is the page where you
can see the themes which are installed on your website Now this is the current theme of your website Now to change this Just Click ‘Add New’ And You will get this page where you can have different themes
which you can install on WordPress so just have a look at these Themes and select the one you like Or if you have a specific
theme in your mind then you can search for it by
entering the name of the theme here So, I'm going to search for
the theme called ‘Lovecraft’ now if you click this theme, you can see a preview of how
it will look on your website Now to install this theme Let’s click ‘install’ And the theme will be
installed on our website Now to make this theme work on your site You need to activate your theme So let’s click ‘Activate’ And as you can see your
theme has been activated.

So now if you go to your website You can see that this
is how it looked before And now if you click refresh You can see that our
website design has changed So This is how you can
install a theme in WordPress. Okay! Now, Sometimes you might not find the
theme which you need on the WordPress search. In that case, how will you get a
theme and install it on your website? So now, let's look at the 2nd
method, which is to find a WordPress theme, using google search. So to find the theme you want
using Google, let’s open Google. Now all you have to do is search
for the type of site you’re looking to build space WordPress Theme. Now let’s say you want a Blog theme, just enter, Blog space WordPress Theme And, press enter. And you will get results like this Now, you can choose any result from here I am going to choose this one Here you will find different
blog themes which you can install on your website.

Have a look at all these themes
and choose the one you want. So this is how you can find
a theme using the google search Now once you have found a theme
which matches your need How do you install the theme? Now let’s say you like this
theme and you want to install it If we click here & click download You can see that we’re getting
the theme in a .zip format. Now how do you install
this theme, on WordPress? So next let's see how you can install a theme which comes in a zip format. So to install this theme,
on your WordPress site, You need to upload this
file, to WordPress. So to upload this theme, let's go
back to our WordPress dashboard and then click Add New. Now instead of using the search
box, let's click ‘Upload Theme’. Now click Choose file and select
the theme which you downloaded.

And as you can see the
theme has been selected. now to install the theme, Just click 'install.' And then click 'activate'. Now the theme will be
activated on our website So now if you go to your
website, You can see that this is how our site was before Now, if we click refresh, You can see that, our website design has changed So this is how you can install a theme
in WordPress, by uploading the zip file So now that we know how to
install themes in WordPress Next, let’s see how you can delete themes which you’re not using on WordPress Now if you go to your dashboard you can see that, This is the theme
which we installed on our website Here as you can see, we have
another theme which we do not use Now to delete this theme,
all you have to do is, Just click it and click ‘delete’ As you can see here the theme is deleted And this is how you can delete
unused themes in WordPress.

By deleting the themes which you
are not using, you can improve your website’s security & performance. So That’s it guys This is how you can install a WordPress
theme on your WordPress website Now as WordPress has thousands of
free & premium themes available, you can do a lot of things with your website. check out our list of
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Thanks for watching. I will see you in the next video. Take care, Byebye..

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