Elementor’s columns off canvas carousel

Hi Guys, i’m going mad with one specific function of Elementor (woocommerce) I hope i’m on the right place..!
The thing is I need a plugin (or maybe it’s a columns setting inside elementor, wich can achieve the carousel on the attached file, it’s just a carousel like off canvas, like every APP around, but I can’t make it work, anybody can help me with this? it’s not a “centered mode”, it’s a different thing.
thanks in advance!


Chatpion+WooCommerce Integration.

Hey guys,

I am looking for a developer to help me integrate chatpion with woocommerce in such a way that users don’t have to leave messanger when making orders. The current flow is causing users drop off because it keeps taking them to a webview. My vision is to have the user’s selection in messenger call woo-commerce API and add the products in the cart without opening the browser. The only time we need a browser is during payment and reservations.

Chatpion already has a woo-commerce…

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WordPress Multisite – Select available plugins as pr site use.

  • Title for your fault: Select available plugins as pr. site use.
  • Fault Description: According to this site: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/hide-themes-from-selective-sub-sites/
    it is now possible to hide specific themes to subsite on a multisite installation.
    What I am looking for is a way to do the same with plugins. Choose which subsites that can see specific plugins.
    The theme-part is included in the wordpress core – but not for plugins. – If…

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Help needed in WordPress Automatic Plugin

Anyone using wp automatic plugin, I need your help. Also anyone with some wordpress coding knowledge can help me here.

While scrapping a post from another website, I want to fetch meta description of that post and add them in my post content. In the plugin setting I can’t find any option.

There is an option to fetch meta description and add them in Yoast meta box. This is the author’s documentation link…

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Slider Revolution With Flex Boxes

Hello , Greetings !
I want to overlap the flexboxes above slider revolution ,
but flex boxes going below the slider revolution when I give negative margin.


I Want This Flexboxes Above The like This

download (1).png

Using Theme : Electro

Link :

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Any Help Appreciate!