I need a plugin developer

On my website, I need a team carousel addon for wpbakery or to edit the current wpbakery team carousel. if you don’t understand then we can discuss via screen sharing. price will be set after discussion. Thanks

Any program/web to encrypt PHP?

Hello, LaBerginha here, a well-known member of the forum (before the fall).

Does anyone know how to encrypt a PHP file WELL? It happens that I want to sell a project, but it is very important that this PHP file is NOT readable for a person and that it is not decrypted by unphp.net, for example.

(I must point out that there are HTML elements inside that PHP file that I want to prevent from being modified).

Thanks in advance.

Video Player Compatible with S3 and VAST Ads?

I recently purchased an cheap S3 compatible cloud storage service for uploading video.
And I want to embed my videos on my website that runs on wordpress but with the video link encrypted, I have tried several plug in but none work the way I want or are only compatible with amazon servers. does anyone know an easy way to do this? and if it is possible that video player is compatible with VAST ads?

VueFileManager Blank Installation Page

Can someone tell me why do I get blank page on vuefilemanager installation?
I have PHP 8.1 also did setup the permissions to 755 as mentioned in docs, but when I load my website it stays on a blank page


Generate Monthly Reports from WordPress Form Submissions

I have a client who gets data from his customers through WordPress forms. Currently, he’s using Fluent Form.

My client wants to create a system such that he gets an automatic monthly email of the total form submissions for the month. In the automatic mail, all the form submissions should be tabulated.

Is it possible to get it done on WordPress? Can anyone please help / recommend on what plugins are needed to get this functionality?


WooCommerce product images are not showing

I have a problem am using Shopify urls as the products images via plugin called EXMAGE – WordPress Image Links , but they are not showing.

After i switch to a new theme MinimogWP i got this problem

When i checked via inspect element i found that the cdn url kinda added to the website url that’s why they’re not showing for example what should be is : https://cdn.shopify. com/s/files… but i got this : https://www. mydomaine. com/wp-content/uploads/https://cdn.shopify…

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