Extra income with new link shortener

Hello friends of the babato forum. I will talk about the Shrinkgold link shortener. This Shrinkgold is a new shortener that has been on the market for 7 months and has already been gaining many users.
His CPM table is very good and they also have the same system of shortener links like shrtfly, fc.lc, shrinkearn and among others. They pay weekly and accept adult traffic.

Link to know: Shrinkgold.com

How To I Get Content To Get Google Adsense Without Writing

I made a site by rewriting content, i get google traffic and impressions in less than one month
But Google didnt approve site for Adsense and didnt say exact reason and Ezoic said it because of scrapped content.
I dont want to write and i don’t spare cash to pay writer
I need a way to get unique quality article that will get accepted by Adsense
Thanks if you can guide

I need a second income source, what you guys recommend?

So, im starting to have the need for a second income. My salary is decent for a Trainee Web Developer, but im starting running low in money due to bills and sh** like that.

What you guys recommend?

I have the following limitation: I cannot freelance, that would go against my working contract and could give me trouble.

1 idea i had is to make a website specificly to share some clean torrent files for various things, with a link shorner that would give me some ad income per click.

But tbh…

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What is the best niche to be accepted in AdSense?

I’ve been trying to approve a site on Google AdSense for a while and it never works, I tried a tech tutorial site but it didn’t pass. I tried one that talks about cryptocurrencies but it was never accepted either.

What would be the best niche to get approval?

A $20 business dare!!! Possible! let’s find out!

A positive day to you all.

A few days ago I got a dare from one of my clients.
When I tried to explain to him that he doesn’t need to spend gazillions on many fancy tools and systems to get his business started… That the most important thing was, having a simple plan and executing it, even if it is not perfect… He was not convinced and DARED ME to:


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Tdater – software that will get all the crypto from your tdata seeds bots keys

The program checks your tdata (also accepts in the form of logs) (absolutely all dialogs, not only channels and saves) for the presence of cryptocurrency:
Seeds (seed)
Crypto bots
Private keys
Works in multi-threaded mode, adapts itself to the power of your computer.
Collects all phones in a separate database. Repetitions can be avoided.
Password 1111


Password 1111