awebcsksp – Scammer

He copied my entire server – he was supposed to help me with some revisions and he stole my whole server.
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donvizzini is a scammer

Profile link:


Paid for google workspace on oct 2. Made clear that it was an existing paid gsuite account and that the plan was to be added to it. He said no problems.

After paying one excuse after another and still no account 4 months later.

[ATTACH type=”full”…

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??[Black Friday Deal]??| Artificial Intelligence Text To Speech Software. 100% Real Human Voice. |$10 & About Othe Scams

I bought this service from Babiato but the seller account is banned and the service is not working too.
Also, I purchase Canva EDU from @Luffee and it’s also not working anymore though he mentioned I can use at least one year.
However, I am a babiato lover I purchased many services from this forum but now I am really afraid of purchasing anything from the forum.
I’d like to say to the admins and mods that You guys are really doing great but please care enough about…

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Mr G (old nickname was slvsteele) is scammer be carefull..

Scammers Profile Link:

Hi all,
Mr G is scammer be carefull (old nickname was slvrsteele) He is not returning my messages and not refound the money i paid. I paid him for Payment Gateway integration on Dec 21, 2021 and he told me he ll deliver it on first week on Jan. When i asked him on jan 9 he told me he was in hospital and he ll deliver it on 3 days but he didnt. Last time…

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