Dating Scammer

Maybe this website (Scammers.RU) with Russians Dating scammers will helpful for somebody too.
In any case, I (sometimes) check my correspondents in the database there.

Be cautious before buying hosting space

There are too good to be hosting offers are coming up. Kindly verify contact number, address, pages (about us, our team), testimonials etc. before paying fees for hosting.


Hello, dear Babiato members.
If you use any online service to exchange currency like BTC, ADV, PP, PM, etc, avoid this exchanger!

After I made an order to exchange 0.0045 BTC to ADV, I waited almost 24h for their support, and when they answer, they told me that I was trying to make a fraud attempt and freeze my funds.

You can see my feedback here to understand this little bit better.

Be careful and stay…

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Be aware is scammer .

Hello guys

Recently I purchased whmcs verification system from , the guy who is scamming from Bangladesh, he is refused to accept payment with Paypal seller option and he has given family and friends as only option to me ,.

I purchased from him and he has send few videos and doesn’t send the actual module which is required .

He is not answering my calls or messages he totally refused me .

Osita Akhigbe 08020830889 is a scammer


I sent N12,5000 to his account details below for bitcoin and he ran away with it.

This is his account details


No one should do business with him. Tomorrow i’ll be getting a police report and sending his ass to jail.

Already reported to my bank since we use the same bank this will be simple

I dont know why some people want to destroy their future for small sums

@Hexor is back ! Scammed Google drive from @Hexor

Hi everyone,

Since I too was one of the buyers of Google Drive from him and it was suspended, I hope everyone knows. It’s time to ask for a refund from @Hexor now that he’s back. Just seen him online.
My Paypal has been restricted and my chats have been lost due to the Babiato crash. I have no proof left to share here
I don’t beg for refund or anything else. I just want to notify about this situation here:(

The purpose of this thread is to help all those who lost…

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I have a worst experience with Its not just an incident, but I would rather say they are a cheater.
I talk to their support team and they are very supportive and I asked about almost all my possible requirements. So they gave me a 10% off coupon just to try out their server with their cheapest plan. The vps server plan they written was running a 3.4GHz cpu core with a ssd storage. But they offer me a NVMe Storage for my account. So I purchase the 1 month plan and install…

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