PayPal permanent ban–How to fix this issue

Hi Everyone,

Last week I got an email from Paypal saying that I was permanently banned. This happened shortly after I was on JVZoo trying to set up my payment method. Through this process JVZoo would not let me use Paypal unless it was a business account. I do not have my LLC set up yet so I put my name as the ‘business’ and all seemed well until an hour later when I received the email informing me I was permanently banned.

Anyone have experience with this? If so, I would interested in…

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Help On How To Create A Stealth PayPal Account

Hi guys,

Please, I need help on how to create a stealth PayPal account with documents, bank/VCC and google voice to make the account fully verified.

Also how to use residential IP or RDP to preserve the account from getting banned.

Why I need this:

1. In my account, Paypal is not allowed to receive funds
2. Most of my freelance clients preferred to pay via PayPal.
3. Someone else reading this might also need this

Thanks guys.