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Hi Everyone ;)
Welcome to Babiato Family

:) EFFECTIVE DATE: July 11, 2021 :)


This forum’s primary purpose is to share stuff to needy people (especially for webmasters) in a convenient way, you can download various kinds of scripts, forum software, themes, plugins, and lots more. You can also discuss related issues or solve other’s concerns on particular topics.​
So, if you have not registered yet, then register now and be the…​

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Hi ! CyberDeviL here in need of bit Financial Assistance

Hi Everyone,

Not sure how many of you are aware of this, but I’ve been quite a less available since last 1 month as earlier I had some major dental surgery as well as recently went with eye operation for what I have been taking rest from socials, networking, laptop works etc. as required rest for my health and eyes.

Though I had to come in-between to manage/reply to some payment on my selling threads.

But due to surgeries had lot of expenses from my parent’s side as well as my side…

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500 resource under approval [ Read IT PLEASE ]

So if u publish resource please send me private pm and share proof resource purchased by u, like screen from themeforest
thanks so much

if your user deleted and u join us again please create your resource and let me know if your resource still available becuz i can transfer it again to your account

still let me know if your resource downloaded from envato elements …


Finally, Babak is back <3

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that @Babak has returned and will be joining us now. As for the updates, he will soon update Xenforo to the latest version. Also working on fixing bugs.. Telegram Channel to stay updated 24/7

Hello, Babiato family. As we went through a long downtime recently it made us thinking what could be a good way to share updates about this forum when it’s not online. So we decided to create a Telegram channel that will be used to share all of the major updates and announcements of Babiato. Feel free to subscribe there to stay updated with the community.

Telegram channel invite link:

Note: It’s an announcement channel so there will be no way to group…

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My Intro

Hi Everyone,

I am Dinesh from India,

Happy to join Babiato today, looking forward to contribute to the forum from today :)

I got to manage this account somehow , so I will handle this now onwards :D:LOL::ROFLMAO:

Babiato is back but we need your cooperation (2nd May, 2022)

Dear members of Babiato,

it feels really great that Babiato was able to rerun again even though we lost some major portion of data. Nevertheless, with our collaboration, we will be able to get back to where we were from the time it went down.

Please know that the current version of this forum has a few bugs/glitches and our technical staff is working hard to fix them as soon as possible. if you guys can detect any errors please write them down in this thread since @andykim

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Guess who is back….

I’ve agreed to come back as a Mod, G*d help you all as I come back with even more attitude lol.

PS – I actually hate that song 🤣