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How to get free CPanel Website Hosting

Hello dear Babiato members.
Since some of you are looking for hosting where you can host your website for free I want to recommend you pretty new hosting service opened around 1 year ago.
They have currently in offer free CPanel Website Hosting, and from this what I know they will have free DirectAdmin Website Hosting also added when they will finish making their own CDN.
Please keep in mind that they have limited amount of free CPanel Web Hosting slots. Currently 27 slots left.
All what you…

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Extend trial with linode digital ocean or others

Extended trial / alternative accounts for linode digital ocean and others

Is there a workaround for the linode or others free 100 credit? Like creating other accounts, or some other workaround that you or others use?

Thank you

Not sure if this is the right place for this but figured If anyone would know it would be you guys.

I have a Wordpress blog with ionos and it’s slow as fu** and works so much better on linode and others but my trials are expired and im broke atm lol (new father…

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How i can install AApanel over Plesk? // Reinstall Server without loose Data?

Hi i want change my Server Software on my VPS Server with Alma Linux.
At the Moment im running Plesk but i want to change to AApanel.

So i looked for a way to uninstall plesk, wich is not working “Due to a Plesk Installer bug with ID PI-498, it is not possible to remove Plesk installed on Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions” -> https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213907125-How-to-uninstall-Plesk-for-Linux

So i cant install AApanel clear without having Problems with Plesk…

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Vps Hosting

I want to move from Contabo…..they over sell their VPs. My 8 CPU of 30G still having over load…. Any suggestions

Looking for expired domains expert

Hello, I would like to purchase some expired authority domains with great backlinks. I am already using spamzila and Domain hunter and gatherer but i still feel i need an expert who i can go with through the process.

If you are an expert in domains send me a Dm and i will pay you to assist me.

Thank you.

Hosting a site on google cloud compute or Amazon AWS with virtualmin in 10 minute

Guys today I am going to tell you how to host a website on free Amazon AWS or Google cloud compute or digital ocean. All these three sites give free hosting with some limitation. In Amazon AWS you get 1 core vcpu 1gb ram and 30gb SSD. Google cloud gives free 300USD credit and if you use 2vcpu 2gb ram 15gb SSD it will take 9-10 months to consume the data. I have not tried Digital ocean, but I have heard that they give 100USD credit.
Now lets Start.
Creating an EC2/VM instance

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