Hello this script is for sale
I will buy the main script
i need someone who will buy the delivery app and store app
Maybe @Babak can help with this too

rtMedia Premium group buy

Dear All,

I am willing to contribute upto USD 50 to this wonderful helping community if I can have help with the updated and working version of all the add-ons as in Agency Plan link given below

Kindly help.

Thank you



“Making quality content can take hours of writing and editing, which means you’ve probably tried everything short of magic to speed things up. (We’re still waiting for our Hogwarts letter, too.)

Even after you’ve written one piece of copy, you still need to stick to a strict schedule to crank out high-converting content day after day.

Imagine if there was a tool that could generate fresh content like social media captions and blog posts in no time at all.”


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I will sell HTML5 game source code

Welcome to our “HTML5 Game Selling Source Code” Gig.

Today’s in the Gaming world, HTML5 Online Games has become the most popular platform. You can make attractive games using HTML5 Game Source Code for several platforms.

What we need:

We basically need nothing but your choice. You can show us the online link to the HTML5 Game. We will deliver it to you within 2 Hours. Or you can choose your desired HTML5 Game from our list.

What we provide:

We will…

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[GROUP BUY] BricksExtras


The Bricks Addon you’ll use on Every Project.
BricksExtras is a growing library of elements & features, with a strong focus on accessibility, flexibility and opening up more possibilities of what you can build with Bricks.

Group Buy for this plugin amount to reach : 100usd
-10usd installation on 1 site
-15usd installation on 5 sites
-20usd installation on 10 sites
-25usd unlimited installation

To join comment below or pm me!

Osclass Epsilon Theme

Hi, if anyone is interested in buying osclass Epsilon theme along with me then we can buy it together by equally contributing. Also will get all future updates for a year from date of purchase. Thanks

[Group Buy] Chakra UI Pro Bundle (Application UI + Marketing + E-Commerce) + Blueberry Theme

Hello everyone, I’m starting this thread behind authorization of @Babak in order to put together the budget to buy this resource to be shared with the whole community and keeping it always updated to the last version for everyone’s utility.

Here a screenshot as a Proof for the rest of the Staff (just in case they aren’t still aware given the workload that @Babak has by approving resources) and of course the Babiato Community:


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