Today i found this tool for Wordpress and i want to share it with everyone. It’s still in development but if anyone is interested you can join the waitlist. Seems to be an easier way to animate any element on page using GSAP. Looking foward to test it!


Interact & Animate Any WordPress site​

With for WordPress, you can animate anything you can imagine without writing a single line…

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[Need Advice] WordPress event plugin that doesn’t exist?

I want to sell free spots (seats) in a physical classroom (for my language school) and charge those “seats” using Woocommerce. To do that I need WP plugin that can filter seats by date (only start date) and language level (e.g. A1, A2, B1, B2). Two beautiful examples are here (they’re not WP site):

I tried a few “events” plugins, but…

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Great offer – get monthly access to Welance at just USD 2

I just got a message from the Welance team that they are offering a concessional subscription option, monthly subscription in just 2 USD and yearly subscription in 20 USD. A good platform to manage your business online, invoice and collect payments from clients., Grab now before they raise the price –


How to Allow Only Search Bots to Access Specific URL?

Hi all the Intelligent,

Suppose “” is a url and i want to block everyone by Accessing this url except Search Bots like Google, bing, ahrefs etc.

Please tell how to do that? In WordPress….

[GET] Lifetime access to Welance (for Freelancers) before they launch their LTD

Welance is a platform designed for freelancers and self-employed professionals to manage day-to-day work and finances more efficiently so that they can spend more time doing what they love for a living.​

Their head of marketing has informed that users who sign up now will get lifetime access including future updates. They’re looking for more users to stress test the platform and provide…​

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Help troubleshooting product page stock

HI, could someone help me remove the ” availability” text from the product page(see atachement).

I have added some code to the theme files>function,php so I coul edit the stock text but when trying to change the “[‘availability’] ” text it resets to default all the stock text.

I hope you can help me!

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Contabo Object Storage VS Wasabi

Hello, i hope that all Babiato lovers are fine !! i wan to get your opinion for :

Contabo Object Storage VS Wasabi !
Contabo price : 2.49$/ 250GB ( Fixed price, no other fee )

Wasabi price : Pay as you go 5.99$/TB/Month