Free Lancing and Skill Set Advise

Hi guys. I have a full time job but inflation is way too highy. I want to learn some skill to earn some extra cash.

I am familiarize with Photoshop and with coding. Need suggestions which skill to choose from these (or any other) so that I can start free Lancing.


How to watch “Decision to Leave” 2022 korean film ???

Guys, I’ve been waiting to watch this called “Decision to Leave” 2022 korean film.

I’m, from India. Anyone help me!
This film is Released in Korean on 29th June 2022.

How would I watch this film?
Is there any online links or any piracy links to watch this film?

Help me, this means a lot to me.

(help) How to reset visitors database data (only) while keeping other data safe and upgradeable

Hello everyone!

Is there anyone can direct me to a certain plugin that can reset web visitors data (in the database) only?

The case is I have a public quiz web that visitors can take practice test (quiz) for free. With a lot of visitors, I believe the data from the users are getting more and more, while these data is not important. Can I reset it, but keep all other data (quiz and new quiz material from me upgrade-able and lose nothing when resetting)?

Thank you in advance for your…

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WooCommerce stock management solution?

So, i have woocommerce shop, i order bulk products and im at this point that its hard manually follow up stock. Is there any solution that would help me add new stock with phone by scanning product barcode? All recommendations are welcome!

Site For Indian Number OTP Bypass

Try This site for indian number otp bypass

@Babak @hexor @CyberDeviL please check if anything wrong in my post

Suggest me a similar theme a news portal.

Hello to everyone
Could someone suggest me a good theme to get as close as this in terms of design, to be a good starting point to modify as my client wishes.
Reference website -> , I know that this Is a custom theme developed for them but i believe they started from something.

Thank you in advance.

Oops! We ran into some problems.

Hi Dear Members,

I am facing one problem since yesterday whenever I am trying to download any resource I am getting error message that .

Oops! We ran into some problems.​

Kindly let me know how to fix this I am also attaching the screenshot for the reference.