Spectacular Bundle (20 Fonts + Bonus) Hydra Studios


Include: Anthasic, Better Signature, Boatman Vintage, Chillout, Eusthalia, Eusthalia Font Family, Manhattan Brush Script, Matane, Pharosi, Royaland Vintage, The Blendhes Script.

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Typealiens Font Bundle (22 Jun 2021)

Acentriz, Acinonyx Jubatus, Acuentre, Aihet Script, Alevantre, Alevattros, Anemouth, Antistar, Aortascarta, Arquitec, Artisocrat, Auforbia, Avarta Cadavra, Aviorte, Axelords, Axulmur Vaur, Axylum Vertusa, Ayrexa, Badfury, Bagel & Crackers, Bellvast, Blocco, Borsigiana, Brancifolia, Brighton Spring, Buchin, Bullhawk, Buzanthe, Bvas Estadas, Carberon, Castelovia, Certeves, Chaero, Chemvre, Chevante, Coaster Ghost, Constreu, Crockotten, Cyrtosperma, Enica…

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Inspired by the sun and fresh air of the summer. Just imagine the wild things you can create and explore with this light and fun font!


Flame by Colophon Foundry / Burger King

Burger King is a multinational chain of Hamburger fast food restaurants, renowned for the ‘Whopper’ burger. Embarking on the first full identity refresh in two decades, this aimed to support its mission to transform its business and achieve the highest standards for food quality, sustainability and restaurant experience. JKR Global were commissioned to create a brand world that consumers would connect to, and to reflect this new positioning through a full…

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