6 Best Lazy Load Plugins for WordPress to Speed Up Your site

in today's world images and videos are a must-have 
for any wordpress site a website without marketing   banners product photos logos galleries or 
even video tutorials is difficult to envision   unfortunately images and videos are the main 
contributors to page size as they can be rather   large the topic is how can we ensure that our 
web pages load quickly even when we have a lot of   graphics and videos one way to improve the speed 
of your website is to use a lazy loading plugin   the lazy load script loads the images and 
videos only when the user reaches that part   in this video you'll discover what a lazy load 
script is and how to use the six best lazy   loading plugins to boost the performance of your 
website the benefits of using a lazy load plugin   let us cover the basics first lazy loading is 
an optimization strategy that loads the content   that is displayed but delays the rendering 
of the stuff that is visible below the fold   it's most commonly used with off-screen 
graphics or videos that aren't loaded   until they're required because it minimizes 
superfluous resource downloads or code execution   lazy loading is a simple technique to increase 
page speed and improve the end user experience for   example if a page has an image that requires the 
user to scroll to see you can slow load the entire   image and only show it when the user reaches the 
desired point the fact is that you don't need to   use up all of your system's resources to load 
all of your websites images and videos at once   why waste resources loading something that isn't 
being used right now and slows down your site   do you need a lazy load plug-in if the pages and 
posts you use feature multiple high-resolution   images and embedded videos you might consider 
employing a lazy load in short lazy loading   decreases visitor calls to your website server 
since you instruct the media to load only when   the user has it on their screen testing the 
performance of your wordpress site will help you   determine whether or not lazy loading is necessary 
for your website assume you run a news website   with a large number of high resolution images 
you decide to use google page speed insights to   conduct a performance audit the lighthouse report 
identifies a few image-related issues that are   causing your site to slow down how pay heed to 
the defer off-screen images recommendation in   the opportunities advantages of lazy loading lazy 
loading as previously said minimizes page load   times and we all know that a fast website enhances 
user experience before you begin using the lazy   load script consider the following advantages to 
your website's speed optimization of bandwidth   and resources content will only be given to your 
visitors if they specifically request it because   the media is only sent when the consumer needs 
it rather than all at once this seeks to save   bandwidth usage and resource costs reduced initial 
load time lazy loading minimizes the weight of   your web page making it load significantly faster 
your media gets accessed more quickly by visitors   customer retention is improved since the content 
is delivered to users without interruption   that's the way to retain their attention the 
six fastest and most effective lazy load plugins   wordpress as always has a solution for every 
difficulty on videos and images several free   plugins in the wordpress plugins directory can use 
the lazy load script today we'll go through six   of them one a three lazy load the most well known 
plugin that is solely dedicated to lazy loading is   a three lazy load this plugin is mobile friendly 
and easy to use even if you have little or no   expertise you can easily set it up and adjust it 
your images will load faster and you may switch   the process to run on videos and iframes at any 
time when the images are loading you can also use   fade in and spinner effects to add some animations 
you can easily include or exclude an image using   the on off option it also works with a video url 
entered into the dashboard important a three lazy   load can only be used with media that is uploaded 
via wordpress core functionalities if your theme   or plugin developer uses a custom written function 
to add items like images or videos a three lazy   load won't know what that function is and won't be 
able to apply the lazy load script to that object   it comes with a 14 day free trial period after 
that it'll cost you 24.99 per month for five sites   two wp rockets lazy load lazy load by wp is a 
super lightweight plugin created by the team   behind the well-known wp rocket cache plugin 
it is one of the most widely used methods for   ensuring that your images and videos are only 
accessible to visitors when they are directly   above the fold avatars thumbnails iframes youtube 
videos background images and normal images are all   taken care of ensuring that the website's 
speed is never jeopardized the plugin is   modest but it packs a punch it injects a short 
amount of javascript into your site's header   and delays pictures across the board without the 
use of a javascript library like jquery you can   also use a preview thumbnail instead of youtube 
frames to speed up your website's loading time   the icing on the cake it's completely 
free there are two key points to remember   you don't need to install lazy load by wp rocket 
if you're currently using wp-rocket cache plug-in   because it's already included if you're not 
already utilizing the wp-rocket cache plug-in   the free lazy load by wp-rocket plug-in will come 
in handy in any event if you want to make your   website perform better and enhance your core web 
vitals you should check out wp rocket it is the   current cash plugin that i use on my blog i highly 
recommend giving it a try if you want to make your   website faster the link in the description box 3. 
smush with over 1 million active installs smush is   an award-winning image optimizing plug-in it was 
created by the well-known wpmu dev team the major   two characteristics are slow image loading and 
image optimization and compression with smush your   website's images won't slow it down or affect its 
speed with just a few clicks you may activate the   smush plugin once it's turned on you can select 
whether to optimize each image individually or all   of them at once with up to 50 images at the same 
time you can use smush to limit lazy loading to   specific output regions and media such as widgets 
content areas and thumbnails it's compatible with   various wordpress plugins so you can maintain your 
website optimized and keep visitors coming back   you also don't need to purchase smush's premium 
version to enable lazy loading the free version   is available from the wordpress repository but the 
pro version is priced differently 4.

Lazy loader   if you're looking for a plug-in that doesn't have 
many bells and whistles consider lazy loader in a   nutshell the plug-in is known for being the most 
comprehensive and straightforward wordpress lazy   load plugin the images below the fold videos audio 
content and even if frames are all collected by   this plugin background scripts page styling and 
images can all be handled by it advanced users   will be aware that lazy loader allows you to 
disable or enable lazy loading at specific page   elements using some code if you're seeking for a 
way to load background images slowly while also   having the opportunity to change the threshold 
at which they're loaded this plugin is for you   5.

Optimal optimal is image optimization 
advanced cropping and smart lazy loading   all in one plug-in on a case-by-case basis the 
optimization procedure is handled in the cloud   optimal will replace all of your image urls with 
cloud-based urls once you've installed the plug-in   you can compress or resize images and you can even 
include a cdn to speed up the uploading process   the lazy loading feature is utilized to avoid 
layout alterations ensuring that website users are   not inconvenienced the optimal plugin is priced 
as shown it all relies on the number of monthly   visitors you receive 6. auto-temi's auto-temi's 
is the most popular lazy load plug-in with over 1   million active installations the plug-in is fairly 
sophisticated and it uses a lazy load script to   load photos regardless of which theme or plugin 
you're using auto temies can help you aggregate   minify and cache all scripts in css styles it also 
minifies the html code resulting in a lighter page   it also has additional performance enhancing 
features you may optimize in lazy load images   with support for webp and iv if formats the auto 
temi's plug-in as well as its support is available   for free if you want performance optimization 
services you'll have to upgrade to premium this   plug-in can be classified as a cross between a 
lazy load solution and a full cache plug-in by   the way auto-temi's is perfectly compatible with 
the wp rocket cache plug-in conclusion one of   the ways you may use to optimize your wordpress 
site is lazy loading it has a big impact on your   website's speed even if you have a lot of videos 
and images on your website lazy loading will speed   it up and improve the customer experience many 
additional techniques such as image optimization   and caching can also aid in site speed improvement 
select a plugin that is a suitable fit for your   website and improve performance to provide a 
better user experience i recommend getting the   wp rocket cash plug-in if you want to take 
your website to the next level and get the   fastest website performance which comes with 
the lazy load feature thanks for watching foreign

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