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WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin?

Hello, I hope you’re all good.

I have a mobile site for mobile users that ends with the extension www.site.com/m. I want to redirect users to the mobile site who enter from the phone. But 2 plugins I found in wordpress are not working a plugin I found worked, but it redirects most computers to the mobile site. I also tried adding code to HTACCESS but it doesn’t work on https sites either.

Do you use a useful plugin? I found this plugin on CodeCanyon, but I don’t know if it works, has…

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Dismiss notice from soledad 8.2.3

Hi, i updated the them soledad 8.2.3 and i recibe this message in my desk, how do i fix o dissmis the notice, and is my site in risk of any kind ?
Thanks 1659306272735.png

[Req] amember pro + softsale

does anyone have amember pro + softsale plugin nulled?
any version does not matter as long as there is a softsale plugin