15+ Best FREE Sports & Fitness WordPress Themes

Fitness is something you do offline but if
you are a fitness trainer or you are involved in a physical activity related business, you
need the power of the internet to promote your services and products. Hello, everyone! My name is Robert from ThemeIsle.com and in
this video, I invite you to see 15 fitness related WordPress Themes you can download
for free and use them to create your own website in no time, so keep watching. FitClub is one of the most popular free Fitness
Gym styled WordPress themes at wordpress.org The theme includes fit club template & custom
widgets specially targeted towards creating beautiful professional looking fitness, gym
site in just a few minutes. The demo of the free version starts with a
full-screen slider, a big title above the green subtitle and a button you can use as
a call to action. Scrolling down you can see more customizable
sections like the about section and you can check how it looks on different screen sizes. To navigate back to the top without scrolling
just click this arrow…

This is how other pages will look like and this is the blog
page. A Strong theme as the name implies. It has a lot of options like the header variations,
footer variations, sliders, and pages. The blog page is something you can switch
from left to right sidebar or without sidebar… but the interesting option here for me is
the blog post timeline… It is mobile responsive and you can sell cool
fitness related products as well using the perfectly integrated section at the bottom
of the front page. A very lite Wellness theme with a slider on
the front page and more sections with "read more" buttons revealing when you hover over
with your mouse. There is a clients testimonial slider below
and latest news and updates finishing your front page.

This is a very clean and SEO friendly WordPress
theme you can use for free right now. Wow, now this is a more complex WordPress
theme for a fitness website if you are a Fitness Coach. A full-width slider on the home page above the upcoming classes is nothing more than exactly what you need. You can allow visitors to book a class through
a special contact form and I think you can integrate a booking system as well. Here is the class schedule page you can use
to showcase the content of the workouts. Nice, easy to use and mobile responsive! Because it is a multipurpose theme and it
has a beautiful material design, you can use our Hestia WordPress theme for free to build
your own fitness or wellness website. You can integrate a booking calendar as well
and use the button on the front page to give your visitors the short way to book a fitness
session right now.

Engage with your potential clients using the
testimonials section where you can let your clients speak about their experience with
you. Fitness products? Sure! You can start selling your own products or
even affiliate products within your beautiful online shop powered by WooCommerce WordPress
plugin, which is perfectly integrated into this theme. The blog section is pretty nice and you can set your own custom image in the header area of your blog posts. As you can see, this theme has a nice full-screen
slider on the front page which you can use to create up to five slides about your fitness
business. Responsive design is a must have these days and Fitness Lite theme is 100% compatible with all kind of screens.

It has multiple shortcodes you can use to
insert sections like this in any page or post, and there are three blog layouts you can set
for your blog page. Shopbiz is a WooCommerce ready theme you can
use to build a business website for spa saloons. The theme has two home pages available actually:
one for your business and one for spa salons. Full-width slider on the homepage, carousels
for products, and services widget are just three reasons you can decide using this free
WordPress theme for your wellness business. This WordPress theme has a lot of elements
as you can see… Responsive design? Sure! Without this, a website can be considered
dead these days. The image slider on the front page has nice
animated transitions, video content, and text. Scrolling down you can discover all the elements
you can use to tell your visitors more about your fitness business… and the footer area
is the place where you can give more info to your potential clients along with the contact
details. Actually, this is more like a magazine type
WordPress theme you can use to write blog posts about anything related to physical activities…

Fitness, wellness, performance… you name it. Using this WordPress theme, you can starta fitness blog as well… … and this is also a theme you can use to
write more news in a specific niche like football, for example. I need to mention that this theme is Google
Adsense ready so you can use it to monetize your writing abilities. The featured posts are displayed in grid style
and there is an author box available too. For more details and free themes, I encourage
you to check out the link in the description box below this video This is a very simple and free WordPress theme
you can use to blog about fitness, wellness and any type of sport out there…

Do you love Mountain Sports? Then this WordPress theme is for you! You have a Mountain Sports related business
or you sell products in this niche? Good news! This theme is WooCommerce ready and you can
open your own online store with ease. Yoga is in demand! More and more people around the world discover
the benefits of yoga for the mind, body, and the spirit of a human being. If you do yoga or have experience worth sharing,
the world wide web is waiting for you. Use this theme to start a yoga WordPress website
for free. The only thing you need to buy before using
a free theme is a domain name and hosting. Don't know how to set everything up? Here is a video you can watch to learn about
it! Fitness is created with blogging about fitness
in mind so never mind if you are not a fitness trainer.

Use it to write about your own experience
and you can even start a fitness journal online with this theme. It is mobile responsive and the social bar
on the left will float when your visitors are scrolling down to read your content. You can start creating a fitness website with
this theme right now. Last but not least, this theme is built with
your personal trainer abilities in mind. It is simple, responsive and you can showcase your best skills and contact details with ease. Want to see more videos about WordPress and tutorials about how to build your own website without coding? Subscribe to this channel and then leave us a comment down below.

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